Training Concept



What and how to train?

Every round of golf is full of unexpected triumphs and seemingly perfect shots, but it can still end in a sporting catastrophe. Every golf player knows this from personal experience, which leads directly to the question: what should I train, and how? Although golf appears to be an exact science, it is, ultimately, a puzzle made up of many parts. It demands absolute concentration and total relaxation at the same time. Learning to see your shot, to feel it and to trust it – that is what training should strive to achieve.The aims and methodology of my golf lessons:

  • Practicing technical skills and abilities

  • Applying cognitive skills

  • Training strength of purpose and willingness to try

  • Developing the fun element of playing golf

  • Learning how to putt

  • Learning how to pitch and chip

    Practicing the long game (woods and irons)

Methodology principles:

  • Progress from the short game to the long game

  • Begin playing using a tee, then without

  • Move from simply hitting the ball to playing exactly

  • Gradually increase your range of movement


  • Try it, then practice it and finally apply it to your game on the golf course

I can see my shot, I can feel it and I trust it. I make several attempts with different clubs, and all that I am doing is seeing the shot, feeling it and beginning to trust it. I do noz judge the result, I am composed and I have my thoughts and emotins under control.


Short mental training on the driving range:

I do not want to and will not judge myself according to where the ball goes. See the shot, feel it and trust it. My swings are firm and decisive.
I leave the driving range with confidence and walk to the first tee.


 Prices Other offers and prices>>>

 Individual training
 55.00 Euros per hour
 30.00 Euros per 30 Minutes

  Trial lessons
On request up to 20 participants - with two teachers. Per person 25.00 Euros incl. balls and clubs
 Group training
 10.00 Euros per person for six participants, 12.00 Euros per person for five participants and
 14.00 Euros per person for four participants



Training Damen

Golf players on the ladies’ LPGA tour also like to come to Leverkusen to train.
For example, Bettina Hauert (Germany).

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